Are hoof boots right for your horse?

It may be necessary to use hoof boots for a while when you first start transitioning your horse to go barefoot. Often a newly de-shod hoof is not able to cope with the varying surfaces you may encounter when riding or turned out and so boots are used to make the horse more comfortable until the hoof has built up condition. Some horses are lucky and don't need them but for most horses it is something that you need to invest in - although the majority of horses only need them on their front hooves.

They can also be used to make a horse more comfortable when they are suffering from abscesses, laminitis/founder and navicular.

Another scenario where boots are useful is if you keep your horse on soft terrain but want to ride on hard, abrasive terrain. It is not fair to expect the hoof to cope with the harder terrain when it hasn't been conditioned to it, but by using hoof boots you can overcome this issue and keep your horse comfortable. 

Some have accessories which help prevent rubbing. Also there are pads available that can be used on sensitive horses or to help stimulate weakened areas​ of the hoof, such as the frog. By cutting the pad into the shape of the frog and either taping over the frog or attaching it to the boot, extra stimulus is provided to help develop the frog and digital cushion.

Ask me about boots for your horse when I see you for your horse's trim or consultation.

I'll be happy to help you!!

Renegade Horse Boots

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