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To advance the humane care and management of domestic equines worldwide through the consistant application of proven practices and principles based on the research 

and findings of the wild free-roaming equines living naturally in the U.S. Great Basin, as well as to advocate for the preservation of the wild, free-roaming horses living on U.S. public lands

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Texas Barefoot Trim Company

This Website is dedicated to assist horse owners and hoof-care practitioners to understand the benefits of natural horse ​care and to understand that not all hoof trims are alike.

The best trim alone will not benefit

the horse as much as the combination of the trim along with

the additional horse care practices which are a

reasonably natural diet, natural ​boarding, and natural horsemanship.

The Natural Trim

The Natural Trim is a humane barefoot trim that mimics the natural wear pattern of wild,

​free-roaming  horses of the U.S.Basin. A barefoot trim is any trim

applied to a non-shod horse. 

Not every trim is a natural trim.

The hoof is a bio-dynamic and adaptive extension of the

whole horse and his entire lifestyle.

​I highly recommend to everyone visiting this website to go to

Jaime Jackson's on-line store,

and purchase two books: "Laminitis" and "Paddock Paradise"

The most common problem with horses today are lack of

movement, and inflammation from most feeding programs. 

These books are very beneficial

in learning and understanding these issues and they can be 

easily remedied.

                 ......David Darnell

Dave Darnell

AANHCP Certified Natural Hoof Care Practitioner
ISNHCP Field Instructor and Clinician

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